I'm up another lbs.

No, really. I am. It may be water weight since it's still the TOM. But seriously, if it's not calories in-calories out. What is it?

So, yesterday I wasn't awesome about photographing my food. I had the corn, which made me super full, so a few hours later I had a skinny cow, three pretzels and 100 calorie cupcake (hostess brand) I did have 2 glasses of wine. It had been a long week!

I think I need to base my rewards on something other than weight loss. Because, gosh darn it, I want rewards! So, my calories will be less of a focus for me. My goal for next week is 25-35 g of fiber, at least 60 g of protein and 225 or less g of carbs and less than 2000 mg of sodium.

If I hit 3/4 of those goals 5/7 of next week, I get a treat. I am seriously having issues figuring out what. I don't want to spend too much money and I don't want to reward myself with food. Maybe flowers? I'd love ideas for small rewards. I would wait longer but I think I need near term goals to keep me motivated.

What are small rewards that you use to keep your motivation up!