I might post a lot today

I'm playing with my new toy! Not eating a ton. I'm actually full from breakfast and still working on my coffee/water. Why am I so dehydrated? I've had almost 8 cups of water today (it's 10:30am) and my throat is parched. I know the coffee is dehydrating, but I've had double the amount of water to coffee. Is this TOM related? Anyone? Or is my body tricking me into being thirsty so that I drink too much water and get full from it? (If so, thanks body! We're finally on the same team!)

but really, I love taking pictures, so I figured that I'll post some here, for fun. I'm adding them to my new computer to get ready to clean them all off the hubby's computer. The hubby's computer needs a break, it's totally slowing down!

These pics are from the fall, the marshmallows are from our thanksgiving feast and the eggs are from a nasty recipe we tried last year, but I loved how the eggs looked!

Oh and I'm avoiding leaving the apartment until after the donuts are gone. Not sure I will withstand the temptation if I don't!