Hoping to avoid a spoiler

So, living in CO I'm on MDT. Which means The Biggest Loser starts an hour later today. So, if I don't comment on your blogs, you know why! I'm also totally avoiding Twitter. May seem extreme but I want to enjoy it!

So, today went very well. I'm realizing that I need to eat many small meals, eating more calories at lunch does not assist in my satiety. So, a smaller lunch is a much better option.

Today's Eats
B: Mix 1, nonfat milk, grapes
L: Lean cuisine pot stickers (meh-wouldn't get it again, didn't finish it), LARABAR coco mole, South Beach Fiber Fit Smores bar
D: Lean Cuisine Fettucini Alfredo, airpopped popcorn, smartfood popcorn, watermelon, gin n tonic

All told, I'm at 1300 calories right now, I may have some more watermelon....

It got up to 90 today (or at least was supposed to) it was HOT. So, I get home and I HAVE NO WATER. WTF, I'm hoping it'll appear, I don't even have a number for emergencies.