Breakfast was once again and english muffin and a laughing cow. Can you tell I'm a creature of habit? Lunch was the broccoli and chedder broccoli and potatoes, fiber one bar, watermelon and a bag of 90 calorie quakes on the far right corner is my water bottle (filled 5 times at work) and my coffee mug. I also had a cookie. ooops. it was good.

Dinner, well-even though I've been good about photographing my meals I TOTALLY forgot to take a picture until I had finished! (corn looks gross after eating them-much more photogenic before!)
Does anyone else feel required to finish all perishables before leaving town for a few days? I leave tomorrow morning and come back first thing on Tuesday. However, I had 4 pieces of corn 1 watermelon and 2 mangos and some milk. I plan on finishing the milk tomorrow, I saved one mango for tomorrow and was planning on eating some of the watermelon and all of the corn for dinner.

I made the corn, ate it=awesome! I started eating the watermelon=meh. I was gonna make a drink, but then I got lazy. so I'm drinking water and wine. I opened a mango and there was something weird in it (double seed? it was brown) So I threw it out (like for the 3rd day in a row!) The watermelon tasted like water, so I'll try more tomorrow, but if it isn't still good on Tuesday, I'll just toss it. I hope the last mango is awesome! I've been saving it for breakfast tomorrow! (yes, I am that excited)

Not only do I over prepare with perishables, I packed for like a 2 week vacation. No, seriously, there are 8 tops and 5 bottoms and 2 bathing suits and 1 pool dress not to mention the required items...

Oh and the stressor that I experienced Wednesday...I was able to turn a negative into a positive. Now I need to really figure out what I want, so I can ask for it.