As we speak I'm stress eating my way through half a watermelon. Today. Was bad. At work I decided I needed to drink a lot and eat bad food. Instead, well. You'll see...

Breakfast was a Thomas' English Muffin and Laughing Cow Cheese.

Of course I had the sour grapes. Lunch was the Smart Ones Ravioli Florentine, the Buttered Popcorn Quakes, Water and Coffee. I took the pic on the sly in the kitchen, hence the messy sink. Later I had a Fiber Fit Smores Bar
Instead of binging I had a cup of fiber one honey clusters with skim milk and a glass of wine.
I made some popcorn, no habanero popcorn mixed in there. Too spicy for me!
and watermelon... I cut a new one and accidentally sliced my finger open! It's still bleeding a few hours later...A great way to end the day. Well, I'm too full to eat poorly or drink alcohol.

Well, adios. I'll check on your blogs tomorrow. Now I'm looking for something mindless to make me laugh.