Today's eats, breakfast and lunch photographed together, I sit amongst many dudes, that may not understand an explanation of why I'm photographing my food. So, you see there grapes, Thomas' Fiber Light English Muffin. 1 light laughing cow. Another Smart Ones, a bag of Quaker mini delights and in the right corner, a South Beach Fiber Fit bar. Oh and a non-fail coffee.
Dinner involved Watermelon, I had two plates and two artichokes. I also made a diet soda cake. And forgot to take a picture. It smelled awesome, but tasted. meh. I'd take a pic, but I already tossed it and filled the pan with water. I know it's wasteful. But I bought the mix on my birthday and then got the cupcakes (that were gross) and then the hubby got me my fave store bought cake. So, it's been sitting there, I've been resisting it. Today I gave in. And now I won't pass box mixes and look longingly. meh. Frankly, it's worth it to conquer cravings to waste a little.

That's it for now, I bet I'll have some more airpopped popcorn when I feel snacky tonight. It looks like I'll be around 1200-1300 calories today. We'll see if my body prefers that level. (shakes fist at body)