Without furthur ado, today's meals. Breakfast was one of the Thomas' Light Fiber English Muffin's. I topped that with one light laughing cow (under the grapes) I had a ton of grapes that I ate until about noon. The starbucks mug has the disgusting coffee in it. I washed it out and replaced it with panera coffee (not pictured)
I'm still getting used to taking pics as you can see, I was halfway through before I remembered to take a picture! I had a lean cuisine 4 cheese ravioli, 1 package of Buttered popcorn Quakes and South Beach Fiber Fit Smores bar.
Dinner was 4 cheese cannelloni and 2 ears of corn with ICBINB. yum. As you can see, on the side is my giant container of watermelon. mmmmm. watermelon.
Not pictured: Skinny Cow Strawberry Shortcake, and some pretzel crisps. I'm at 56 g of protein. I need to make it to 60! I may have an english muffin later, but right now I'm full, and dehydrated. Still. I drank (water) constantly all day. I have no idea what's wrong with me. But it does keep me honest and drinking regular water (I've even forgone crystal light). Of course, I still need my coffee but it's one mug in the morning!