Dieting on Vacation

So, we're off again this weekend, we'll I guess I'm off because hubby has been in Texas for two weeks, so I'm just meeting him there.  But, once again I'm vacation eating.  I swear, it is so hard to eat well at restaurants.  I think my main goal this weekend will be to eat parts of my meal.  I'm gonna take this "throw it away" mentality to a restaurant (So hard!) but that way I won't feel deprived and still get to taste things.  Who said, Taste everything and eat nothing?  I'm gonna try that, except I will work hard to eat my veggies and get my fiber and protein in.
I do however, bring fiber one bars.  In a pinch I'll always have something to snack on.  so, that works.  Other than that, just waiting for the day to end.  I skipped out on a work lunch because it wasn't worth the calories. So, why bother! (go me!)
Tell me your Go Me's! For today!