Convenience Food Reviews

So, the hubby is away and so the wifey is eating frozen dinners. I don't enjoy cooking, especially on weeknights. I'm coming up with general rules for frozen dinners (I totally understand if you disagree-these are designed solely for my taste buds).

1. Meals should be 300 calories or less (Pizza exempt)
The law of diminishing returns. a meal that is 260 calories makes me just as full as one that's 360. If I have a smaller meal, I can include more snacks throughout the day.

2. No pieces of meat
I get skeeved at the idea of frozen dinners with seafood, and I have to say, I don't enjoy the ones with pieces of chicken or beef. Yuck. I make exemptions for the ground beef. Not sure why, it seems less something than the larger pieces of meat.

Meals I've had lately(The names may not be correct, but my internet is too slow to look em all up)
Smart Ones Thai Chicken with Rice Noodles: ugh bland and unappetizing

Lean Cuisine Rice and Potstickers:
The potstickers are tasty but the rice was bland and not worth it (I tossed it)

Chicken Carbonara:
I love real carbonara, this was bland and a dissapointment.

Smart Ones Breakfast Pockets or Sandwiches: Awesome, both are tasty, one is like a lean pocket, and the other is like a egg mcmuffin on an english muffin. Both are around 200 calories and are a good meal

Smart Ones Calzones: also around 200 calories and a tasty lunchtime treat-it's a pain in the butt to heat though, but I would eat this again.

Both Smart Ones and Lean Cuisines Ravioli, Lasagna, Lasagna Bolognese, macaroni and cheese (I think I prefer WW Mac and Cheese to Kraft. WEIRD) etc: All yummy and decent calorie wise.

So, that's a recap. As I try more I'll give you better reviews!

What's your favorite frozen meal?