Coffee Fail

So, I'm looking into ways to increase my protein.  I'm mostly subsisting on frozen meals and fruits and veggies these days and well, I don't like the meaty frozen meals (see Convenience Food Reviews)  So, I pulled out the protein powder I used to use when I was low carbing.  I decided it was a brilliant idea to add it to my coffee.  Major Fail.  I couldn't choke it down.  I couldn't even stand to smell it.  Coffee Fail.
However, something is going right because I am not all that hungry today.  So, yay!  I just need to figure out a way to get my protein up to 60 g. tonight.  Intentional eating is complicated!  But, I know I will benefit in the long run.
p.s. I have photographed breakfast and lunch, quickly and on the sly here at my desk.  I'll post all three meals tonight!
What are you being intentional about this week?