chomp chomp slurp chomp chomp slurp

On my way out yesterday I got into the elevator with a family of 4 that were all chewing gum. Now, I love chewing gum as much as the next girl, but this family was chewing very loudly with their mouths open so all I heard on the way down was 'chomp chomp slurp, chomp chomp slurp" yuck. I hate hearing people chew. G-ross.

So, for my food. It's interesting, it's hard for me to spend a chunk of money so I feel like I need to prove that the purchase was worth it by using it fully. So, that means I'll be faithfully photographing my food! Go Me!
Last night I had another snack, I bought habanero cheddar popcorn at the market yesterday. I didn't realize HOW spicy it was going to be, so I decided to combine a small handful of habanero cheddar popcorn with airpopped popcorn. Still too spicy, I didn't finish the bowl.
For breakfast, Dunkin Donuts coffee(skim milk and splenda), water, and Special K Red Berries. I was at the end of the bag, so my bowl was bigger than usual. I have a lot of work to do to figure out how to take good food pictures! So, I guess you'll be watching my improvement. Oh and the scale still isn't going down....stupid body.