Body, this is NOT what we discussed!

Hubby and I are in Texas for a triathlon. We've been having a pretty good weekend, one of his sponsors may use him for an ad campaign! He took a lot of pictures yesterday, so it's exciting to see what they use and see him in an ad! We parked to go to the race and decided to cut to the path down a moderately steep hill. Halfway through I slipped on some dry leaves and twisted my ankle so that I heard a 'pop'. I thought I'd be able to walk it off, but I couldn't even stand on it, with hubby's help we made it to the car and to the ER. I got xrays and $1,000 later (an estimate, they assured me that the bill was coming). I was wheeled out with an aircast and a prescription.

this is a case of, you don't know what you have until it's gone. I am a prisoner of my own body now, heck I can't even drive my stick shift car!

Times like this is when I notice my weight. If I were at my proper weight, my hubby may have been able to pick me up and carry me to the car, I wouldn't have to worry about any strain I'm putting on others in the wheelchair, or if I'd even fit in a wheelchair! I really can't mess around.

I'm thankful that they hubby is coming home with me tomorrow, it's unfortunate that we have two cars to bring home though, so I'll have to drive. At least it was my left foot that was injured, not my right!

Right now, I'm just wishing I wasn't so immune to painkillers.