Beth vs. the Buffet

Yup, as you read it, I went to a pizza buffet for dinner. And I am STILL below my calorie ceiling. My days may have been rough, but my success, well. My success was awesome. Of course I didn't take pics bc I was at a restaurant, and I'm not ready for that yet. There were tiny slices of pizza on the buffet, so I took three teeny pieces. they equaled 1.5 pieces. Not bad! I filled up on a large salad. (Oh no, I took too much salad! Ohhh soo full after my couple of slices of pizza). Go Me!

So, yeah I've been down the past day or so. To make me feel better, the hubby (who's still in Houston) sent me flowers to the office. Best.Husband.Ever. I felt so loved. Crazy how a small act means so much.

Below is my food. I think I've started a habit, like my eating frozen meals or english muffins I now seem to throw something away almost every day! The wine in the last picture was not that great. So, I tossed it. I also had some prunes at work and a slice of cheese.