Before and After

Do you ever find yourself thinking back to life before (fill in the blank)? How easy things were, like getting a drink of water, sleeping and the list goes on. Blergh. I spoke with my mom tonight and she freaked me out even more. She told me that I could get cankles from this injury! Does anyone know anything about this? My ankles have always been so pretty (can ankles be pretty?) I don't want one cankle and one ankle! Not Fair! Now I realize that I wasn't elevating it enough. Crap, what if I'm doing this all wrong and never get better!

Food Today has been carby some mac and cheese some rice, some cheerios, ginger ale. My body is dying for fruits and veggies but we don't have any right now, hubby will go shopping tomm.

I guess I need to get ready for my one day workweek tommorrow! Pictures will happen again soon!

Who's had a sprained ankle, what's happened? do you have Cankles from it?