Acid Tummy

I have chronic pain and about a decade ago (pre-diagnosis and treatment) I was on pain killers almost daily. Well, I forgot what that was like. I have the meds from the hospital and OMG. I do not understand how anyone can be addicted to these.

I took the first one before we left for the airport at 5am. I couldn't even think about getting coffee because my tummy was soo upset. We got Wendy's for breakfast (terrible, I know, but Hobby doesn't have good options) I don't know how to describe the way my tummy felt but it was like I could only eat bland things so I ate about half my breakfast sandwich and the hashbrowns. On the plane I had non-diet gingerale and some of the 'plane cookies' Best idea ever, I forgot about the motion sickness from the turbulence.

After lunch (split chinese with hubby-there's not much in the house) I took another pill. I almost immediately fell asleep for 5 hours. I'm actually still too tired to go to the living room so I set up camp in the bedroom. Dinner rolled around, and nothing sounded good. I had some cheerios. Nice and bland.

Not sure what the point of recounting my day, just that I totally forgot what impact these painkillers had on me. I think I would take this pain over the acid tummy any day. What I have to ask myself is, how did I survive this way for so long? No wonder I am so addicted to carbs, they are the only thing I think I can handle with my upset stomach! Multiply this by a couple of years and that's making a lot of sense.