100th Post!

So, I've seen that for your 100th post, you are supposed to write 100 things about me. So, here is more than you probably ever wanted know about me! (p.s. this is like my 4th post today, but I saw I was at 100 and I've had this in the can for awhile-so I thought I'd just hit the send button)
  1. My name is Beth
  2. I just became a "Mack" in December
  3. My husband and I were both born in the District of Columbia
  4. We didn't meet until we were well into our 20s
  5. Before I met my husband almost all of my roomates got engaged while I was living with them or were engaged.
  6. I was great luck, for them.
  7. TIVO is a fantastic invention
  8. I have a Masters in Social Work
  9. I have no training/experience with counseling or case management
  10. I started my career in the U.S. Senate
  11. I still miss working there
  12. I couldn't afford to keep living on that salary
  13. So I became a lobbyist
  14. I was once at one of my hubby's races when a woman I met (who was wearing a winnie the pooh sweatshirt) told me I was a terrible person for being a lobbyist.
  15. I lobbied for Medicaid (well, not at that time but right after)
  16. Now I'm working in Medicaid
  17. I don't think I'm interesting enough to fill up 100 things about me without including my resume
  18. I am the middle sister of three girls
  19. I also have two step sisters
  20. My husband has three brothers-our families are completely different
  21. I was a competitive swimmer through high school and college
  22. I have been overweight since I was 7
  23. Even though I used to swim over 20 hours a week
  24. I always want to make even though into one word
  25. My very best friends are the girls I swam with/lived with in college
  26. I went to a conservative Christian college
  27. And then to one of the most liberal grad school programs
  28. I once 'ran' 10 miles, I think I walked more than ran though
  29. I love photography and would like to focus on it more
  30. I don't really have the motivation to though
  31. I'm going to be an Aunt this fall
  32. I have endometriosis and PCOS, both are pretty much under control
  33. I want to lose weight so it is easier for me to have kids someday
  34. I was following a low carb diet from May 2006-January 2009.
  35. I lost about 60 lbs. by December 2007
  36. I gained 40 lbs back in 2008 while planning my wedding
  37. I had to return my dress for a bigger size (good thing David's Bridal was accommodating)
  38. I gave away all my clothes as I lost weight
  39. I had to buy new clothes when I gained it back
  40. I love holiday candy
  41. It makes me feel festive
  42. It also makes me gain weight...
  43. My whole family has weight issues
  44. My parents love to tell me how much I need to lose weight
  45. But whenever I turn down food they tell me it's a celebration and I should enjoy
  46. It's crazy to be spending the holidays so far away from our families
  47. My husband has 3% body fat (makes you sick, huh?)
  48. His whole family is super skinny
  49. They are awesomely supportive of my weight loss
  50. I started to blog after reading Pasta Queen and Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl
  51. It made me feel like I could get the support I need from the blog community
  52. I have really enjoyed reading all of your blogs and find it really inspiring
  53. After I read The Fat Girl's Guide to Life I decided to not spend $$ on weight loss, so I haven't re-joined Weight Watchers
  54. I am using the blog and sparkpeople for accountability and community
  55. I'm addicted to earning points on Sparkpeople
  56. I used to write in the forums
  57. Now that I don't fit in with the low carb forums I haven't found any I like
  58. My goal is to lose 1 lbs a week
  59. I'm scared about having loose skin
  60. I am glad I can eat all fruit again
  61. I can't wait for my birthday so I can have cake!
  62. I love cake
  63. I don't even remember what our wedding cake tastes like
  64. Every one told me we wouldn't remember our wedding day and I really don't
  65. I much prefer being married to being engaged. Life is better now that the wedding is over
  66. I bought two engagement rings (same stone, different setting) and four wedding bands.
  67. All told we still spent less than some people do for one wedding band.
  68. My exercise regimen is walking to/from work (1 mile each way)
  69. I have taken a break from the 30 Day Shred because it hurt my knee (old swimming injury)
  70. I wish I liked running, but I don't. The endorphins don't kick in.
  71. My hubby is a pro athlete. He runs for a living.
  72. We couldn't be more different
  73. I would like to be skinny and in shape so I'd fit in with the other pros at races (or at least not appear so incredibly out of place)
  74. We get to travel a lot for his races
  75. We went to Italy for our honeymoon
  76. I lived in Sweden for a summer in high school and then again for a semester in college
  77. I speak swedish/spanish when I'm drunk
  78. I have an addiction to popcorn
  79. After I had to go cold turkey for low carb I lost my taste for microwave popcorn and prefer airpopped popcorn
  80. I recently got to see a space shuttle launch in florida
  81. I've gotten to watch a movie in the White House's private screening room with the first lady
  82. I tried to take advantage of all I could while I lived in DC
  83. We now live in Denver
  84. But no, we don't ski
  85. I don't like the feeling of going downhill at high speed without control
  86. I only skied once in Junior High
  87. My swim coach would kick us out of the next race if we were caught skiing
  88. I would like to hike this summer
  89. I am loving living in the city and walking to work
  90. I am a homebody, once I get home it is hard to muster the energy to go out
  91. I am addicted to chick lit books
  92. I used to read them all through my hour long commute to work
  93. Now that I walk I listen to books on my ipod.
  94. I love my Roomba, I hate to vacuum
  95. I was kicked out of youth group because my best friend and boy I was kinda seeing decided to date.
  96. It was the best thing that happened to me.
  97. I am every advertisers dream because I'm so easily suggestible.
  98. I used to lobby for the advertising industry
  99. My favorite flowers are Stargazer lillies, apparently they are also known as Starfighter lillies. My husband prefers the second name.
  100. It look me almost a week to come up with 100 things about me..
  101. That's all folks! hope you had a great weekend!