Pimento-Three Ways

I still have leftover pimento cheese and I'm thinking about bringing some to a BBQ tomorrow so I wanted to see how it would do as a dip. So I tried it three ways.
The first attempt was to dish some out onto individual crackers and heat for 25 seconds. Verdict: tasty, too much work for a low key BBQ. 25 seconds made it melty but not too melty, the crackers didn't hold up too well and were a bit mushy. Triscuits would probably be better.Second attempt is straight out of the fridge, this was my least favorite, melty cheese is so much better than non-melty!
The third attempt was to melt the mixture, I put it in the micro for 25 seconds, that was much too much it was too viscous so I let it cool and yum! So tasty. Verdict: this is what I'll do for tomorrow! I think 10 seconds might be a better heating time. Yum.ETA: I didn't finish all the cheese during the initial experiment and I decided to heat up all the extras and put it in the fridge. Oh my gosh. I tried it the next day and it was perfection. Mix it, melt it, cool it and then enjoy it. It makes an awesome dip! Two thumbs up!