Summer Biscotti

I decided to make Summer Biscotti that I read about in Cooking Light magazine

Looked tasty, and I love lemon flavoring.  So, I went for it and realized I had most ingredients on hand (except for white chocolate).  I did decide to replace the sugar with agave and butter with I Can't Believe it's Not Butter.
I had recently purchased a type of microplane.  Got to use it for the first time!
One lemon does not create that much zest.  Unfortunate, since I think (from the small taste I had) it could have used more.
I beat the ingredients as instructed and it seemed to do well despite the lack of sugar. I followed the instructions (probably had too much flour down though), and this is what came out of the oven the after the first cooking time.  Since I had exchanged agave for sugar I was told to add some time to the cooking time and lower the heat 25 degrees.  These stayed in about an extra five minutes at 300 degrees.
I then cut it into 19 pieces I was worried about how hard it would be to cut, but it was definitely soft enough, though the pieces were smaller than I had expected.
I put the pieces in the oven for the last 15-18 minutes (once again because of the agave).  Then I pulled them out and let them dry completely.
This is when hubby begged to taste test.  So, he did-and I got a couple of bites, yay!  Not lemony enough and since I had substituted 2 T agave for the 6 T sugar, they could have been sweeter.  But that doesn't include the chocolate drizzle...I followed the instructions and melted the chocolate in the micro, added fat free half and half and mixed until smooth.
Delicious, no?
And only about 95 calories per biscotti.  I did leave out the nuts since I think they ruin sweet foods.