Le Central

We live a couple of blocks away from Le Central, an affordable French Restaurant.  We keep going back to this little gem because it is close and oh so tasty.  The menu changes daily but there are always delicious moules et frites.  Oh so tasty!  I've been craving seafood lately and jumped at the chance to get it here.  I even took a picture!  I was so starving that I decided to get the Fromage Moules.  Who can resist blue cheese.  I ate every single one, but there were frites left on my plate.

A few weeks later we went back to Le Central, and below is my review from that trip.
Hubby had been dreaming about the Fromage Moules et Frites that I got last time, so we decided to split an order and then order an entree.
That's hubby's hand you see, he couldn't wait for me to take a picture to start eating!  (yes the fries are strategically positioned away from me, I had a few but focused on the main event) Since we were having an appetizer and such a big appetizer I knew I wanted a smaller-ish entree so I ordered the Vegetarian Plate: Sun-dried tomato crepes layered with ratatouille, asparagus and goat cheese, accompanied by couscous, all topped with a fresh basil pesto
My camera doesn't like dark places.  So, this doesn't do this justice.  I ate about half of the crepe and a bite or two of the cous cous.  I swear, hubby loves this new system of me eating half my dish!  I did have a bite of his.  He ordered: Slow roasted leg of lamb, sliced to order, accentuated with a honey and fresh lavender infused demi-glace
You never thought you'd see an action shot with food, but here you go.  That is hubby's fork in motion.  Doesn't he know I'm a food blogger and have to take pictures before he eats?

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