Il Posto

For dinner hubby and I went to Il Posto, a new restaurant (to us). We were able to get a nice table outside and the waiter quickly brought us some bread and a shot of Moscato. I actually had my taste. Delicious! (I did ask one of my pharmacist friends and got the OK)

I had 1.6 pieces with olive oil.
We split everything and started with the Calamari ripeini: Stuffed grilled calamari, rainbow chard, peeled tomato, capers and basil . I've never photographed my food at a restaurant before, so I was shy! I had 1 large and 1 small calamari with two snap peas.
Our primi was Trenette with Sea Bass (not on the online menu) The pasta sauce was freshly made. I had about 2/3rds of this portion.
Our secondi was scallops with watermelon gazpacho. I have no idea what was in the gazpacho but it was delicious. The scallops were perfectly seared. I had one and hubby had two.
Overall it was a fabulous dining experience. Il Posto is on a great street in a cute neighborhood that I actually haven't been in yet. I can't wait to continue to explore new places around the city!