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Food Items
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Agave Nectar                                                 Popcorn Seasonings

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Corn Bread Vitatops                                     Starbucks snacks

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Justin's Organic Peanut Butter                    Justin's Nut Butter Taste Test

lets do organics11lets do organics17

Organic Gummy Bears                                Miso Cup

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Bean and Body Coffee                                  POM Wonderful

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POMx                                                             POM Tangerine & Kiwi
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Review: Mix 1                                                Slimline Beverage Container



NordicTrack Pro A2250


Product Review Policy
On occasion companies approach me to review their products.  It is my policy to mention that the product was given to me for free when I first mention it.  Many of my product reviews are just that.  Reviews of places I've gone and food I've eaten and enjoyed (or not enjoyed).  It is my goal to share with all of you what I've found works and doesn't work.  I hope you enjoy, and please ask if you have any questions!
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